Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A vase full of Pixy Sticks?!? theory a vase full of candy just sounds odd...and they only ended up in here because I didn't have any place else to stick them.  However, as soon as I saw them sitting there, in all their sugary goodness, I thought...Hey~that's kind of cute.  Can't you just see them with die cut flowers on top?  or hand print flowers from the kids?  Or die cut flowers with a child's face in the center and the hand print curled and used as a leaf?  Hmm...I think Pixy Sticks may be a new go-to item for me  :)

These are the treats I made for Connor to give out in his classroom for Halloween.

Pure sugar...good for carnivores and vegetarians alike!  

I used Papertrey's Boo to You set and the 2009 Halloween tags...Every time I see that company's new stamp releases, I swear they are the cutest ever...and then the next month they are even cuter!  These stamps are absolutely adorable...but the Christmas line is cute enough to put you in debt...even if you're not a stamper!  Here's the front...sorry for the blurry sad little camera doesn't do well with a macro picture  :(

The pumpkin is from Boo to You, but the face is from a different company...I just liked the eyes better than the one that came with the set...

Here's the back...I even used the Simple Alphabet stamp to put Connor's name on...not great pre-planning.  I didn't realize his name would be so long.  I should have stamped the From stamp farther over...oh well, like the average 8 year old is even going to look at the tag!?!  All they're going to see is 20 inches of sugar high!  :)

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