Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Treats

Here are a few Halloween treat jars I made.  I just filled some jars from Michael's with M&Ms and threw on some Cricut doodads or stamped them...

I like how the spider has two different sized wiggly eyes...

Here is the top of the jar...that stamp is from the Papertrey Halloween Tags set.

I love this bat cracks me up...I don't think a bat with big ol' fangs should be cute, but he is!

Another Halloween Tags stamp....

I used a different shaped bottle and glued buttons onto the cork stopper.  The card took about 5 minutes...including gluing on those googly eyes :)

Here's a closer, (but even fuzzier) shot of the top of the bottle.

That's it for Halloween this year.  It's time to start working on those 12 million Christmas gifts that I said I was going to start on in January...I swear my middle name should be Procrastination!  Acccck!


  1. Thanks for the Halloween treat. Christmas is approaching. Christmas season is a magically special time when family and friends come together to celebrate.

  2. Very cute. I love that little spider stamp. You have done such great things with it. Where did you get those funky shaped jars? I'm looking for some fun jars for Christmas gifts.