Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

here's the story...

So...a few weeks ago, this box arrived at our house. The actual arrival was a bit of a stress factor...mainly due to the fact that it was kinda spendy and got sent to the wrong address. However, the hubby took care of it and it arrived only 2 days later than anticipated...and it WAS anticipated...even more than that monthly Papertrey box ;)

So...inside the unassuming brown box was....(insert angels singing, choir music, whatever floats your boat)

Jen's new celebrate the stress of pink slip month and the joy of not actually getting one. Sometimes, I love my husband. Especially when prizes like this are involved. There was however, an ugly downside to this amazing new addition to our family.

enter...We Rule. A horribly addicting iPad game, that our whole family is now playing. Connor is playing on the iPad, I'm on the old iPhone, and Sanford is on his phone. we have also indoctrinated the neighbor boy and Aunt Kristine into the cult of building your own's sick I tell you. Seriously. Sick...and not that modern slangy good old sick. It's a time sucker...and some how I am not only playing my own and Connor's during the day while he is at school...I'm also babysitting the neighbor boy's iPod kingdom. Did I mention it was sick??? Oh...and if you have an iPhone or iPad touch or iPad...add me...I need more friends! jc11278 :)

okay... I tore myself away from my virtual land long enough to make peanut butter cookies...and dip them in milk chocolate...kinda fun...pretty tasty.

I made them for my neighbor's birthday..he likes chocolate and peanut butter. This is how I usually package my cookies when I'm giving them away...cheesy, generic plate, cello (I usually use clear, but I was out) and a curly ribbon and festive...Winner...okay...gotta go, the kingdom has been alone too long!

Monday, April 19, 2010


sorry for resuming the non-blogging life...I've recently become slightly addicted to a goofy iPad game called We Rule.

I will kick the addiction soon.

I have's Secretary Appreciation Week and Sanford has 2 secretaries...Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and I want to send something cute in for Connor's teacher every brother is moving and I have to make several dozen impressive cupcakes for his going away bash on Sunday...Connor's baseball team is having a potluck tomorrow and I have to bring dessert for 40...the laundry is threatening to climb up and actually smother the washing machine...and...oops...gotta go, my virtual rice needs to be harvested...

Monday, April 5, 2010

You say OCD like it's a bad thing.... I got a wild hair on Saturday afternoon...nothing new there.

I started cleaning out the cupboards in the garage and for some reason I decided to focus on my are the Christmas doo dads...and really, I don't want to hear it. In a perfect world, everyone would have 28 different types of Christmas sprinkles...enough said.

So I decided I couldn't stand all the different sizes and shapes of the looks messy. Hmmm...really Martha would NOT be impressed!

Ahhhh...can you actually hear the angels voices?!? All hail Cost Plus. I bought every jar they had. They won't have more for 2 weeks. It will be a long two weeks...because now that I've noticed the's making me crazy (er)!'s like rainbow happiness in cute jars! How could you not look at this and smile?

and yes, for those of you paying attention, this is an entirely different set of sprinkles...valentine's, spring, and Halloween to be exact. I didn't take before pictures of these guys "before" and I can't take the "after" pictures of the Christmas for two weeks...and if you really want to talk trash about my cookie decorating obsession, you should know that I need 68 more jars to make everything match. :)

Martha would be sooooo proud!'s a good thing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Last minute crafting

So this is what I crafted today before 1:00...I'm hoping it will be a quiet night and I'll get to play even a little more later! :)

I packaged the jam to be delivered. Connor took one to his teacher ...

...and Sanford forgot to take one to his favorite front office secretary...okay...she's my favorite front office secretary. ;) She's crafty and appreciative of getting little homemade goodies. It's always nice when you give something to a person and they can look at it and see how much work actually went into it...

I thought I was clever using green ribbon behind the flower it's leaves or a stem or something. YUp...not real original...but c' was 6:30 in the morning.

The older daycare kids got little packs of play doh with molds attached. The big-headed bunny stamp was $1.00 from Michaels. I stamped 2 bunnies and cut out the extra head to pop's cute in person.

Here are all the daycare prizes. The little guys got books.

Here's a close up of the bunny...he's adorable, but you can't really see that his head is popped up from that angle..

Here's a close up of the chickie stamp...another $1.00 find...his egg is cut out twice and popped. That chick on the book is kinda mean he's looking to snack on my cute little stamped guy. ;(

Here's a pretty, sparkly flower...oooh...who doesn't loVe prisma glitter?!? so purty!!

Here's what the flower is on top's a bunny in a jar

Here he is all tricked out and! So this is totally a stolen idea. I saw it on a blog somewhere...but I was just following links all over when I saw it and I have no idea where it actually came from. So whoever you were that was creative/twisted enough to come up with the idea of a bunny under glass...thanks!! You deserve more credit than I am able to give you!

I just liked this picture so it got thrown in ;)

Okay...tomorrow is the BiG day! iPad delivery. Sanford keeps checking to see when Mr. Brownpants is going to get here with the latest Apple toy. He's more excited about the iPad than the start of fantasy baseball...and that's saying something!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


How can laying like this possibly be comfortable??? His chin is in his chest. This would absolutely KILL my neck. Are 8 year olds made of rubber???

Anyway...I just wanted a quick shot of Connor's "After" haircut...the mohawk was definitely a "Before" shot :)

...but the boy had other ideas. Lately he is absolutely the WORST at letting me take his picture! Ignoring me, Eyes closed, Goofy face, Grouchy face, Buck teeth on purpose, or...

hiding behind an object...soooooo charming!

This was the best I could get....some day he'll grow into those Timmy Turner teeth...I hope! Love him any way...oh...and that's not dirt on his's one single, solitary freckle. So funny!

A little more from Saturday...

Here's another little card that I made on Saturday night when the boys were both out and's nothing all that special, but I was pleased with how the patterned paper that I made turned out.

I stamped cardstock with Plum Pudding ink and then over stamped the images in white. Then I stamped over the whole thing in tiny polka dots that matched the cardstock color...I wasn't sure about the dots...I have a hard time lining them up to get a bigger section...could be because I am the world's messiest stamper and rarely clean my blocks :) ...or it could just be that I have issues...lots of people can do it, it can't be that hard, but I can never get the images to line up perfectly...oh well...I'm not Hallmark, so it's probably okay!

I'm trying to think of a good way to yank Sanford today since it's April Fool's Day...nothing will ever top the year I was pregnant with Connor and I told him the doctor called and said we were having was beautiful! The problem of course is that I have absolutely NO ability to keep things up...I start laughing right away and the jig is up (great gravy, does anyone actually say that any more?!?) The look on Sanford's face was priceless though...even if it only lasted a few seconds. Okay..I'm off to come up with something devious ;)