Monday, August 31, 2009

Ummm....Is this tacky or funny?!?

So my poor mother in law, who already has more than her share of problems, got sent home Friday from the hospital and quarantined to her house for 5 days.  Why you ask?  Okay, look at the bag and take a's okay, I'll wait for it...

Yup...Swine be politically correct, it's H1N1...but that cute on a bag? I don't think so.  So I put together some goodies...a box of tissues, yummy smelling Bath & Body Works antibacterial soap, a mason jar of cough drops and another of chocolate (you've got to treat the psychological effects too  :P), some cans of soup, ginger get the picture.  Anyway, I had this big pink bag to put it in.  So, I couldn't send it over plain could I?  How does a plain bag make you feel any better?  I put the pig on and decided it was either seriously funny or really mean and twisted...Final conclusion was that my MIL would think it was funny...and laughter is the best medicine right?  Okay, well,  that's what I told myself.
She did like it, and she's feeling better...she's no longer the Queen of Quarantine as of tomorrow.  Okay..I'm back to Baby Shower mass production.  No pictures until after the shower on Saturday...but then there will be an invitation, favor box, diaper cake, silverware wraps, and other assorted cute goodness!  

Have a great week!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Whoever said you can't buy happiness...

never got a box in the mail from Papertrey!!  Colorful ribbon, amazing images, endless possibilties....isn't that in Webster's as the definition of happiness?!? that photo is actually last month's box...but what's a little creative license among blog-buddies?  :)  My delivery this month came about an hour before I had to be at a PTA meeting...but I couldn't stand it!  I had to ink something up IMMEDIATELY!!

Okay, so this is not the cutest card ever...but look at that little spider!  Have you EVER seen a more adorable arachnid?  I don't think so!!  I can't wait to have some time this weekend to sit down and make a proper mess in my craft cubby!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ahhh...The joys of mass production

One of my PTA chair jobs this year was to take the First Day of School pictures for all of the new Kindergarteners. It's a great tradition at Shoal Creek that on the first day of school, each Kindergartener goes home with a picture taken of them in their class or with the class mascot. Before I took over, the photo holder was a little...ummm...utilitarian.  Simple?!?  One layer?!?  Computer generated?!?  That is just NOT how I roll!  :)

I do have to admit that last year's folder just about killed me!  120 folders with rounded corners on the folder AND on the the math...that's 1440 punches (the folders had a front and back like a card) with my corner rounder...have you lost my mind?????  So this year I was a little more conscience of my hands when I designed them...and I took people up on it when they offered to help (Thank you Kim and Aubrey !!)  

Here's a look at the pre-production accents.  Stamping and punching all 110 of them only took about an hour and the gracious Wetker girls cut out those red apples (while I was lounging on the Lido Deck!)    The cutting and pasting was a snap and our budget for 110 of the folders and duplicate pictures of all the Kindergarteners was only about $50.

Here's what the finished product looked like...okay, maybe that adorable Kindergarten picture is from a few years ago...but it is my blog!  I may be a  little biased, but I can't help it if he's the most handsome boy  I've ever made a frame for :)

Mt. Carmel has a football scrimmage tonight.  Wish them luck...and hope that Sanford doesn't hurl on the field!! :) I a supportive wife or what?!?  :P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Butterfly Birthday Card

Here's a card I made ages ago for a friend's birthday...I think I used one of Dawn McVey's color challenges...The whole Raspberry Fizz/Scarlett combo is soooo not something I would do on my own!

I HAD to have the Papertrey Butterfly Kisses set.  It makes me happy every time I look at it...and I'm not really all that into butterflies.  I just love how the butterflies each have a corresponding stamp that you can use to make the background all matchy-matchy...I'm a GIANT fan of the matchy-matchy!!!  The diamond glaze must not have been completely dry when I took the picture...because that nasty white cloud was NOT on the wing when I mailed the card!

I always make cutesy matching envelopes, but  I don't usually do anything special inside of cards.  I really like this...I should do it more often!!  

Blog more later!
Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of Third Grade

Connor started Third Grade today...Holy Smack!!  Where has the time gone?    Just this summer he seems to have shot up 6 inches and lost all trace of little boy.  He was thrilled with who he got for a teacher and is looking forward to being a third grader.

Here he is with his new teacher, Mrs. Lee.

This is a little garland I made for him to celebrate the first day of school...there are just a couple of cricut-ed images and some of the photos I took this morning.

Here's a school bus...I love this image from the DoodleCharms cartridge!

Just a little note...

and here's the apple from DoodleCharms...I use this apple allllllllll the time.  This is one of the cartridges that I go to on a regular basis.  I love how all the images look exactly how I would make them if I paper pieced them from scratch (if I was artistic :P )...I think I'll save the apple and bus until Teacher Appreciation week and we can use them to decorate Mrs. Lee's door...ahhh, the joys of recycling completely worthless crafty goodness!