Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's great to be a SUNDEVIL!!

It's official...Yesterday Sanford became the Head Varsity Football Coach at Mt. Carmel.  He's already immersed in reading coaching books, meeting with mentors, looking for inspirational quotes , and all things pigskin.  Football widowhood has begun...and it's only February!  :)

I made this for him to put on his desk...I guess a smiley Sundevil probably isn't all that intimidating...but I do cute, not scary.

  My friend Kim and I took a class this weekend to learn how to make the cute chickie box below...I just gave it horns instead of a beak and my devil was born...I might have gotten a little carried away with my new "Sparkle" Modge Podge...I think my Sundevil is a girl...but don't tell Sanford!  I filled the jar with Atomic Fireballs...It seemed appropriate..they're packaged in red and yellow and they're HOT!  I just crack myself up!

Here's the chickie box that started my current paper clay phase...I am loving this stuff!  Easy to use, forgiving, and seriously...it looks like you might actually need some kind of talent to do it (not true of course, but it looks impressive!)

Here's a close up of his cute little face...yeah, I'm not sure why I think it's a boy when it has a pink collar and a bow on it's hat...guess I'm just open-minded !  LOL  The eyes on the original were a lot more traditionally retro looking, but it's just not me unless it has beady little eyes.  

I also made some cute stuff for Connor's teacher for her birthday that I was going to post too, but my computer-inept self managed to delete the photos before they  made it safely to iPhoto...I guess you'll just have to imagine how cute they were.

Thanks for looking...and make sure you tell Sanford congratulations when you see him... He really is great with those boys...I sure hope they have the season they deserve!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Long time no blog!  

Plus I've been a little busy with the Valentine creations...

I made 4 of these...

5 of these....

4 of these....

5 of these....the wiggle eyes on the frogs crack me up!

1 of these....isn't it too cute!  It's a timeless template...easy, quick, but I like it.

5 of these....

these bags to put the daycare Valentines in...

3 dozen of these....

3 dozen of these...

I also decorated 27 big ol' suckers  for the daycare kids and Connor's class and I had to make some little prizes to send in to the ladies in the office at Connor's school.  Part of his punishment was to miss recess every day and they got stuck babysitting the chucklehead...so, really, a little chocolate was the least I could do.  

I made a few other odds and ends but all of those pictures are stuck on the other camera and I can't find the cord to put them on the computer...oh, well....I'm sure you all think I'm nuts any way !  It's only Valentine's Day for Pete's sake, not Christmas!  I'm off to start crafting for St. Patrick's Day...LOL!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Connor is a VIP

So...Connor was "VIP" at school this week.  We made a poster of things he likes/dislikes last weekend for him to share and he's been able to bring in a few things every day this week to show the class.  He's brought in his ukulele, Robosapien, post card collection, and today he brought in his Disco ball alarm clock.  I think perhaps his teacher should be nominated either for sainthood or the loony bin!

Everyone knows that Connor believes that chocolate is a food group and should be allotted the largest chunk on the food pyramid.  So, I thought that he should bring some in tomorrow to celebrate his last official day of "VIP-ness"...he's a VIP every day at home...at least he thinks he is! 

I made these for him to share tomorrow...I'm sure he'll also bring in some wacky paraphernalia from his room to make sure that our family looks like a bunch of complete freaks...but at least with the cute chocolate goodies our weirdness may be tolerated...I hope!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Here's the box I just made to put Sanford's Bday gift  in.  All I had were gigantic gift bags,  so either I had to make something or put it in a brown lunch sack....He probably wouldn't have cared, but a paper bag  might have bothered me a little.  I guess the colors are a little girlie...but I like it.  10 minutes, some scraps, and a cricut...ta da...good enough.

Shhh...Don't tell!

So,  for Sanford's birthday tomorrow,  I made him this coupon book so he'd have something to open...We're going to a bed and breakfast in Julian this weekend for his gift...good present, but you have to have something to open on your actual birthday...it's like the law...section 142 of the birthday code I think   :)    I got the little photo album in the $1 section at Micheal's on clearance for 50 cents.  

I paper pieced the cover...

And computer printed all the writing...I used all scrap paper.

Then I got lazy and just drew in all the corny pictures...he sooooo wouldn't have appreciated 6 hours of paper piecing, so why bother?  25 minutes and a few markers did the job.   The art work is Kindergarten quality, but you can tell (with the word prompts)  what the pictures are supposed to be!

For him, the aesthetics are just not that important.  I do have to admit, that since he got his "chick job" as he calls it (ASB Director),  I at least have a chance that he will notice a few details or ask how I did something.  But generally,  he is the stereotypical clueless male.  Besides, I'm sure he'll be much more interested in eating the warm cookies than dissecting my drawing of them!

Hopefully this will be the best 50 cent gift he's ever gotten ...LOL