Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Middle School Graduation Prize

So my niece is graduating from middle school this week....and while I have a hard time justifying it being a major gift giving occasion, she did work really hard and  I think a little prize is order  :)

I LOVE Nicole Heady and everything Papertrey...I wish I had that kind of vision and talent...all the girls on that design team are AMAZING!  This little bank book and box are taken directly from templates on Nicole's blog.

All I did was go to the school's web site and find a picture of their mascot to use as an embellishment...easy!!

I had a little trouble with the letters in the word FALCONS not printing out right...hmmm...I'm a techno doofus and my computer geek husband isn't home...okay...old school it is...I just used a Copic marker to color in the missing part and when the color wasn't an exact match...I added glitter...Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you mess up?!?  just add glitter?  Not perfect, but a lot less noticeable in person than it is in the photo...

Here's a picture of how the book fits into the box..it's a great way to give cash and have it look like a gift  :)  I'm working on a few other end of the school year gifties right now...and waiting (impatiently) for a school stamp set I ordered to come so that I can finish them. Nothing like a little procrastination to keep the juices flowing!!