Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Bread Tags

I made some pumpkin bread today...I used a new recipe...with 2 boxes of cook and serve vanilla pudding in it...I even made crumbly streusel topping to put on top.  I made it knowing that I was going to give it away.  I let it cool and then wrapped it in aluminum foil.  It looked naked...and generic...and unhappy  :(  So, I made it a tag.

Here it is with its tag...much better.  I made 4 tags in about 5 minutes and even raided the "Yucky... I should throw this ribbon out but I might need it someday" jar...See?  I was right not to part with that funky green raffia...It came in handy!

Here's the tag...Papertrey's 2009 Autumn Tag stamp using a sentiment from the Limitless Labels set...How perfect is that?  Homemade bread...Those girls at Papertrey are genius!  Everyone NEEDS a stamp that says ~homemeade bread~!!

Here he is with his little friends...4 little prizes and my house smells good!  You can't beat that!

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