Friday, March 13, 2009

Play Ball!!

Connor's second game of the season was last Saturday.  It was another beautiful day and Connor did well.  He had a solid hit every time he was at bat and he made some artistic circles in the dirt  with the toe of his cleat while he was fielding.  :)  The whole catch and throw portion of the game is not really his forte...

The boys all look so cute huddled up to do their post game cheer.  

Can you tell I think he is just the cutest thing in catcher's gear?  I'm sure everyone will get tired of these pictures, but every time the boy straps on those 17 pounds of gear, I'm going to be snapping pictures!  You should just be grateful that I didn't post all 15 that I took!  :)

Check out the squat and the hand position...It almost looks like he knows what he's doing!

Here are a few photos of the B&B we stayed at in Julian last month for Sanford's birthday.  

This is the patio and fountain right outside of the room we stayed in.

Here's a shot of the llamas (it is a Llama farm)...there's even a jar of llama treats in the dining area in case you want to wander down and feed them...

It snowed just enough on Friday night.  When we woke up everything was white.  By the time we actually rolled out of bed and got moving, it had started to melt...There was still enough for me to pelt Sanford with a few snowballs!

This is my craft of the week apparently...its the third one I've made in 6 days  :)  I'm calling it a party  in a box.  Inside are a blower,  a few balloons,  a candle, a twinkie, and a small bottle of vodka.  This is the first one I thought to put alcohol in...makes the party a bit more festive dontcha think?!?   Have a great weekend!  We have baseball tonight and tomorrow morning and then Connor and I are free to play!!  :)  Sanford has football coaching duties.  I'm sure he'll come home even more ready to have a winning season!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's News!!

My friend Libby, who lives in Arkansas, just called to say Congratulations about Sanford being made Head Coach.  She said she saw in in the UT on-line....That girl is amazingly well-informed,  because none of us , Sanford included,  knew it was in there.  So now, it's National, no...International News...I'm Mrs. Head Coach Carvajal.  :)

Read all about it here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Opening Day

Saturday was Opening Day for Connor's Little League.  He's on the Royals...and to quote my son, they were "versing" the Cardinals.  There were two little boys from Connor's class on the other team...and he did his usual job of trash talking...One day that boy's alligator mouth is going to get his puppy dog heiny kicked!

The boys were soooo cute in their uniforms.

It was an amazing day!  The kind that almost justifies  the cost of living in San Diego.  Where else is it 78 degrees with the sun shining,  the breeze slightly blowing, and the birds chirping on a Saturday in February?

Connor loves to play catcher....and he looks adorable in all the gear!  He had a great game.  It started out a little slow...but he made an amazing catch,   got 2 outs, and had a solid hit.   He was also a really good sport when someone else got the game ball (that he thought he deserved...and had run around the dug-out claiming that he should get it...Humility is not a Carvajal strong suit!)   He had a spectacular game, but I'm glad the coach gave it to someone else...the boy needs a few lessons in being humble.  He did pat the Game-Ball receiver on the back and say "Great Job, dude!" he's not a complete cheese-head!  :)

On a completely different note...I saw this on Lauren Meader's blog and had to make one...Her's is soooo cute...that woman has some serious creativity!  I don't know what's going in it yet, but it's always nice to have a few extra things on hand....I never know when Sanford is going to need a prize for someone.  

Connor has another game on Saturday, I'm hoping Sanford will bring home the good camera so we can get some better pictures.