Monday, October 26, 2009

Simple Caramel Apple Kit

Single caramel apple kits are nothing new...and they have definitely been done waaaaay cuter than this guy.  But, I made 2 of these in about 15 minutes with stuff I had at home...I had already bought the single serve caramel containers, since I knew I wanted to do this.  I was just looking for a quick prize for Connor's teacher and for my neighbor, who I thought might need a little sugar to help them get through the day :)  I know I always do!

I just used clear bags from Michael's,  a couple of scraps, and  a few stamps...easy!  Inside are an individual container of caramel, an apple, and a small bag of chopped almonds.  You could absolutely skip all craftiness and just tie the goodies up in a the bag...if your recipient can't figure out what this is without a label, then it's probably dangerous for them to have a plastic bag at all!  ;)

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