Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm still no Bakerella!

So, I made some Halloween brownie pops...they looked so cute in the magazine.  

He's a little fuzzy, but recognizable.  I used dark chocolate melts in a ziploc bag with a tiiiiiny hole cut in the corner to pipe on the faces.  I made some little stamped tags cut like pennants..It took about 3 minutes to make 12 of them...easy peasy!  ;)  Hopefully the packaging helps to hide the jacked-up faces!

Here he is with a few of his friends...I wonder what they look so afraid of?!?

It can't be Jack here, can it?

I don't know how anyone gets food markers to work!  I've bought 3 or 4 sets, and none of them work very well!  Maybe I'm expecting too much...I want what I make to look just like the picture in the magazine.  For all I know, the food stylist couldn't get them to work either and just pulled out a Sharpie!!  :)  Anyway,  the faces in the magazine were perfect...clear, dark, expressive...mine look impressionistic and melty...ack.  Ooooh, I guess they're just "Jack-ed" up...bwahahahahah...I crack myself up.  Sorry.  That was a total Connor joke!  He is the king of ridiculous made up bad jokes lately...I hope he outgrows it!

Here's Jack with some of his peeps.  They look pretty funny all bunched together...like Willy Wonka's personal pumpkin patch...chocolate-filled, candy-coated vegetables.  Hmmm, I bet Connor would clean his plate every night if they were on the menu!  ;)

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