Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Little League Picture

We got Connor's baseball pictures last week.   I wasn't ready to scrapbook them....but I didn't want to stick them away in a drawer

I grabbed a few supplies and some new Scrabble tiles and spent 3 minutes putting this display...and done...doesn't get much better than that!   Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coin box and Bday treats

Really?!?  Am I blogging again? Already?  But it hasn't been a month yet!   :)     Nothing special, but I just thought I'd post what I made today.  I was asked to make a box to put a coin in for a West Point graduate.  I assumed cute and girly were unacceptable.    I just made a 2 x 2 nugget box.The templates are all on Splitcoaststampers.

I used a monogram set I got at WalMart...yup, Walmart (it's Martha Stewart).  I also heat embossed, which I never do...simple, but nice.

One of my daycare dads called this morning and asked if I could help his daughter make a card for her mom's birthday today.  We made the card, and then I made her something too.  Sometimes, it's really useful having the contents of a small craft store in your house...the contents of a small liquor store doesn't hurt either  :)

I just wrapped the nuggets in scraps of paper and put them in a ziploc baggie that I got at JoAnn's...I think it's supposed to be for jewelry, but it fits 8 nuggets perfectly!!  The picture is's way cute in person...You'll just have to trust me on that!  Plus it's hooked onto a bottle of Pink! (pink champagne from Australia) if it's not that cute now, it will be when she's  finished the bottle...that or this is an accurate picture of how she will be seeing it after she drinks....just a little out of focus!!!   Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Crafties

Here are a few of the treats that I made for Easter...I made a few other things, but forgot to take pictures before I gave them away...oh well!

These were super quick!  Just tubes from Papertrey with a few goodies...

I gave these to the girls in Daycare...boxes of chalk from the $1 bin at Target...personalized.

I made this for my held funny little chickie socks...are you noticing that there are a lot of those little aMuse chicks on everything?  Yeah, well, I made a ton and then every time I needed to cute-ify something I ended up slapping one on since they were already done...I didn't realize that everything was covered in them until I looked at these pictures...again....oh well!

I bought a ton of these containers years ago to hold my embellishments...filled this one with jelly beans.  It was my loser prize for Bunco...then I ended up being the loser...soooo sad!    :(    Connor was happy  though...he'd been eyeing the candy as I was making the box and he always gets his choice when I come home with all of the loser junk!  That boy has a serious sweet-tooth!

This is cute little bag filled with flower seeds.  It came from the $1 section at Target too, all I did was add a tag.  

This is a box of doggie treats...I decorated it as a prize for someone who has been letting us come visit her puppies...

Okay...that's 3 posts in one day..I guess I can be done for another month now  :)

Cub Scout Spring Campout

So...Connor's favorite part of every Cub Scout campout is making fun crafts with yarn and singing songs around the campfire...bwahahaha!!!!!   Riiiiiiight!  His favorite is the same as every other 7 year old boy...the shooting!!   Balboa Park has a BB rifle range and an Archery range, so he was set.  Here he is modeling the latest in fashion eye wear.   :)

It's a shame that they only get to do this for about 20 minutes on each range.  I'm sure all of the boys could spend their entire day here!

Connor didn't bring his glasses, so I'm amazed that he was able to hit anything!  He did pretty well and hit the bullseye once and the target 2 or 3 times.  They only got 5 shots.

The Archery was another story.  When we did this last year, he aced it...hitting the target every time he shot.   This year he rushed it and didn't want to listen to instruction...he sent most of his arrows up onto the hill.  It's hard because they all just get sooooo excited to be holding and playing with contraband!!   I think huge parts of him can't believe I'm not yelling "Connor...put that down right now!!!   Don't you know you could shoot your eye out!!"

We went on a hike after lunch.  Three miles around the park.  Connor asked to have my camera and took some great shots.

This one of the bridge is beautiful... is this shot of the flowers...but this next one is my favorite!


A self-portrait !    WHAT A CHEESEBURGER!  You've just gotta love him!!

Backyard Campout

Sanford couldn't make it to the Spring Cub Scout campout, so I knew I was going to have to put up the tent by myself.  I thought it might be a good idea to practice,,,since I had never done it before and tend to have some eye/hand coordination problems as wells as some slight issues with patience and following written directions.

Setting up the tent went as well as could be expected...It was 90 degrees out, I chose to do it around noon and the tent seemed to think it would have a better time if I just left it in the bag.  I feel it was a HUGE personal victory that after having to insert and remove every pole 3 different times the whole thing isn't sticking out of my trash can!


Okay...and there's the fact that Connor thought it was the coolest thing ever!!  Sanford was setting up for a dance, so Connor and I made a night of it...

We had treats...

including stove-toasted s'mores...tasted just like the real thing, but without the ashes!

We played a couple of board games and watched a movie (Indian in the Cupboard....which was surprisingly good) with popcorn.  Connor was really excited to go sleep in the tent, so we didn't even make it to the end of the DVD.  We layered up, took the hand cranked flashlight, and headed off to the backyard.  We lasted until about 3am.  Connor had been awake for about 45 minutes and claimed he could hear "EVERYRTHING" and it was keeping him awake.  I realized I'm not getting any younger and there was a warm, soft bed 20 yards away...

We left the tent up all week and the kids played in it every I guess all the sweat and swearing were worth it.

Turns out that the Spring campout was at Balboa Park...the misery of setting up was a little too fresh in my mind to justify resetting up the tent I had just taken down the day before 20 minutes from home so we could sleep out under eucalyptus trees lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of freeway traffic...yeah...we just went for the day.