Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine Mantle

So... I decided Friday morning it was time to decorate the mantle for Valentine's Day...the only problem was...I didn't have any decorations.  I rummaged through the house and my scrap cubby and this is what I came up with.  It won't make Martha Stewart come running to my house, but it took about 30 minutes,  it was free, and you can tell what holiday is coming up.  Good enough!The picture on the far left of Sanford and I is from the cruise  :)

This picture of Connor is from 2 years ago.  We splurged on goofy Valentine's Day pictures at the Picture People because he had an appointment with the oral surgeon the next day and we thought his front teeth were going to get yanked out (due to trauma from an accident in the backyard).  The teeth ended up staying in, but I'm glad we had the pictures done anyway.  The boy is seriously CUTE!   The LOVE in the frame is just a Making Memories chipboard piece that has been sitting in a drawer for a couple of years with a little ribbon tied on to it.  It's actually just shoved into the frame on top of the glass.

This is my favorite!  Just some stuff that was lying around put together.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get 2 Christmas presents made every month.  Here is one almost finished, but since it  is going to someone who might be looking, I can only show a tiny piece.  It was a lot more stitching than I thought it would be, but it's turning out pretty cute.  I think I'll make a few more.


  1. I love that you decorate your mantle every holiday. Your house is so inviting with little things like that.

    Ummm, that Christmas present isn't the things that were sitting on the counter that one day??? If so, good job with the part I can see. If not, I wanna know what you're up to.

  2. Yes, you seriously disgust me. If I dust my mantle before Valentines Day, I'll feel good. Decorate for V-Day? No way!

  3. Shut-up! So darn cute!I love how you incorporated Scrabble ;_) I'm definitely going to use that idea.