Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Boys

The boys were busy today...First Connor had Little League tryouts.  The kids were supposed to have an assigned number on the back of their shirt in masking tape so that the coaches would know who was who when they were observing and taking notes.  Well, no son of mine was going out with goofy, ugly numbers on his least not when I have the world's greatest scrapbook toy!   That Cricut is better than chocolate cheesecake to someone who's PMS!!  Seriously, 4 minutes and the letters were cut and taped (using my awesome new Scotch ATG 714~Thank you Santa!!~)    New cleats, new batting gloves, a number on his back and we were ready to go!

There were just a few last minute pointers from dad...

and then Connor did a little fielding....

and a little hitting...

and a little running.  

He did awesome!!! 

He caught a couple of the pop flies, threw almost to where he was supposed to,  did pretty well fielding the grounders, and hit 3 of the 4 pitches from the pitching machine.  We couldn't have asked for any better!  The boys dropped me off at home and headed to Game Stop to get a new Wii game.  After a short gaming session, they went out to work on the garage.   

They are working on getting everything set up out there to run trains.  Part of the master plan is to have an electric winching system, called a Garage Gorilla, to raise and lower the trains.  That way we can both still park in.   This was definitely a "Like father.....

like son"  moment.  Too, if only they'd actually finish it!


  1. Yeah, our son was the one with the goofy yellow tape on his back. I was feeling proud that it was a special color. Santa needs to be a little better to me in the future.

    By the way, my husband thinks he was standing next to you at the try-outs. He doesn't know you well enough to know for sure. So if it was you, he says "sorry" and "hi".

  2. yeah, eddie would have had sticker numbers from home depot on his back ... or iron on ones from the computer.

    great shots of connor, i really need a photography class.