Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Could it be this easy?

This is just the cutest picture of Connor and it seems only right that it's the first thing I post on our blog...He made the BEST Elvis.  We just found out that the church had technical difficulties with the filming of Aladdin Jr and there won't be any DVDs.  I am soooo sad that Connor's smooth moves won't be recorded for all time!  It would have been the perfect thing to threaten him with when he starts dating!


  1. Let me be the first to muddy your comment page. I'm so glad you're getting into this. I just like sharing my hobbies with friends! Now if you were only convinced about going digital! C'mon, with your talent and my long list of projects, there's not telling how many ideas I could steal from you! Ha! Chat with you soon!

  2. PS: He did make a very cute Elvis. Sorry about the glitch in the video. That's a bummer!