Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Science Night

Last night was Family Science Night at Connor's school.  Here are the boys in the "Anatomy Room".  Sanford told Connor that this was who he dated before me...he said he couldn't stay with her because she only had half a brain.  That husband of mine.....he's suuuuch a comedian!  

Here they are in the "Physics Lab" hooking up the balloon to see thrust in action.  Once Daddy got the balloon on the right way...they were off...

I know it looks like a big picture of nothing ~ but look at the bottom...see the boys looking up at their balloon?  You can see just a little bit of their orange balloon at the very top of the picture...It all happened very quickly and I might be just a tad slow...okay, I'm a lot slow!

Here Connor is playing Mad Scientist.  He's doing an exothermic experiment...making heat in the test tube with a chemical reaction.  One of the reagents was yeast...the whole area smelled like a brewery.  I'm pretty sure that's a BAD thing in an elementary school!

One of the other experiments in the "Chem Lab" was to make Pop Rocks.  Connor is showing how the real packaged ones pop on his tongue.  He just wanted to make sure we had a clear view of the data!

Connor had a "tremendously good" time...he's asking for a set of test tubes and a microscope.  I hope he's  happy with a  Diet Coke and some Mentos!


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  2. Sorry for the deletion, I had to retract some words. We'll talk later! I agree, it was a great night!