Friday, May 28, 2010

Bulletin board re-do

I have recently decided that I like wearing necklaces. I didn't for a long time. I have also decided that silver is a fine and practical metal and costumey jewelry is fun. Yeah, I'm a little late on the band wagon...

So, I had all these new a few old ones, and they were getting all tangled and wonky (yes, that is the technical term) jammed in several drawers and baskets.

I had a bulletin board that I bought for about $6 at Target for Connor's room, and hadn't done the make over for yet, sitting in the garage (wow...could that be the worst grammatically phrased sentence EVER?!?) and I made this. A little paint, some ribbon, a button, and the mighty glue gun...

It was functional, but looked a little naked.

I painted a couple sets of letter stickers black and called it done. Much less naked. I really wish the frame was wider...and I need to decorate the push pins somehow...even Sanford said he doesn't like them...but it's not bad for using what was in the house. Now, if I could just keep the cat away from it...he thinks the hangy-danglies (yup...another technical term) are there purely for his enjoyment! ;)

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  1. Great idea! How about some of those PTI buttons glued to the push pins?