Monday, June 7, 2010

Music Teacher Thank you

The entire third grade at Connor's school put on a musical performance. About 100 kids...ALLLLLLL of them with some percentage of squirrel DNA...some a little bit, some almost direct genetic matches!

The show was great! Connor was young Albert Einstein...a prodigy that kid is, I tell ya! Okay, it was three lines and two of them were back talking his stage "mom" perhaps the role was just an excellent fit ;)

Any way, I thought that the music teacher deserved some kind of thank you ...just a quick little giftie to let her know that the show was great and we appreciated all of her hard work.

I made her this...inside is a thank you note from Connor and some ghiradelli chocolate squares...peanut butter...and a few caramel filled it wrong that my mouth just watered?

I just used kraft cardstock and the 3,5,7,9,11 hut hut..oops..sorry...that's what happens when you're the coach's wife...the box pattern that's all numbers in the title from splitcoaststampers. Quick box...made from one sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock. So simple. I made one in purple too for Connor's teacher...her fav color...seriously, 30 minutes from start to finish.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Connor. I sent something in to his teacher every day for the last week of school. Honestly...I've spent time with the boy...his teacher deserves more than goodies and prizes, we're talking canonization here! The least I can do is send in some chocolate and a few gift cards.

Maybe I'll get it together and post all the goodies tomorrow. Or, I could be my slackerish self and do it sometime next week...


  1. Mrs. White does deserve huge thank you's for all she's done. She is amazing, and works really hard to make those kids look good.

    I haven't done anything for the teachers this week. WORSE MOM EVER! Aubrey had to resort to making her own thank you cards for them all since I'm such a loser. AUGH! Just get me through this week. Ha!

  2. Okay girlfriend, I get really sick of telling you how stinkin' crafty you are, but, honestly, you are truly the most ingenious woman I know! Your line - "Honestly...I've spent time with the boy..." had me HOWLING! Whenever I need a laugh, I check to see what you've posted as you never let me down!

  3. p.s. Is that really the box "number" as I need to search for that as it looks like something I would use (not that I've ever used more than one of the PTI ones I've bought but don't tell anyone...)?