Thursday, May 27, 2010

DayCare Mother's Day Gifties

Okay...we're just going to go with~better late than never~ and not even discuss that it's almost June...

So for Mother's Day this year, the kids did breakfast in bed...I put the tray, a muffin, a juice box, paper plates and napkins, and a small vase in a big gift bag, completely sealed it shut and attached a letter to the dads on the front...It looked like the gift was TO the dads...but it was actually just directions telling the dads to put a flower in the vase and that they could feel free to add to breakfast (c'mon least a little coffee!) I also made sure that each gift had an entire pack of paper plates and suggested to the dads that they use them all day so that they wouldn't make dirty dishes for mom to deal with later ;)

The homemade part of the gift was a tray to put the breakfast in bed on...

We did silhouettes earlier this year when we were doing Dr. Seuss books...I LOVED how they turned out! I used the total cheater method where you take a picture of the child's profile, print it out, cut it out, and paint it's a beautiful thing. Awesome and ridiculously easy!

I mounted them on cardstock ovals, mod podged them onto Michaels wooden trays that I had already painted, slapped a few extra coats of sealer on them and they were done. The hardest part was painting the color band around the tray.

I was going to make one of Connor for myself, but he is in the middle of growing out a complete buzz and his silhouette is a little awkward...I should be able to do it in a few weeks. I would totally put this up in my bookshelf in the living room. It's completely decorative and would match the cutesy artsy collage I put up a few weeks ago...Did I ever post that ? hmmmm...

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