Wednesday, May 19, 2010


okay...innocent enough looking envelope right?? I almost just recycled it without even opening it...then I realized it had real postage...and yes, I open my husband's mail... always ...okay... almost always...if I didn't the pile of unopened postage would reach epic proportions and I wouldn't be able to move in the kitchen...hmmm...if I couldn't move, I couldn't cook...okay...perhaps I need to rethink the mail thing :) anyway....enough, here's this envelope...

and inside were GolDen TicKeTs...LITERALLY...and figuratively!

Sad as it sounds, Antiques Roadshow is the only show that I religiously watch...Don't bug me from 8-8:50 on Monday nights...whatever it is can wait...and NO, I don't want to tivo or DVR it...I just want to watch it..there are no commercials to fast forward through, so just go away and let me watch my show!...whew...not that I feel strongly about it or anything.

Any way...when I saw that they were coming to San Diego, I applied for tickets and made Sanford apply to. I never heard anything back and the hubby said he didn't either...he's a liar that way! So when I opened the envelope and these popped out I was thrilled...when I called to thank him and ask why he didn't tell me, he got annoyed that I opened his mail because he wanted to surprise (translate as torture) me. He admitted that he was planning something along the lines of the infamous "Pooh Shoes" incident of 1996. NO thank you! Any way...we're going to the Roadshow! Whoo-hoo! I have no idea what we're taking, but we're going!!

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