Friday, May 21, 2010

Display for Connor's Report

This month Connor's class had to do animal reports. They had a few weeks to get books, do research, write notes, and then write up a few paragraphs. Connor chose bees because he's afraid of yelling, screaming, running away, afraid and he thought learning about them might help...Good for him! You gotta love how their minds work sometimes!

So he tells me they have to do a speech after they turn it in (basically just read the report to the class) and they can have a visual aid. He then looks at me and says "Just something a piece of cardboard, Mom"...what?!?! Is the boy implying that I might go over the top or something? Where would he ever get an idea like that? I am soooooooo known for my restraint! (insert sarcastic snort!...and laughing mockery from my spouse!)

So Connor chose some pictures and we printed them ...and then I chose a few more to round things out...and we made this from things lying around the house...

He printed and trimmed and taped and typed the labels. After all, I would never DO my son's homework...I might just help a little with the layout and design on the creative stuff. ;)

Oh, he also brought in honey sticks to hand out to all his classmates after his speech.

The boy got an A+...woo-hoo! He rocks! And mommy got to use some of her stash and expensive tools thus justifying their purchase and making room for new goodies all while helping the everywhere! There is nothing like a school project to make all that money forked out for craft supplies look well spent!! :)

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  1. Looks great! Did it help with his phobia? Great thinking. Smart kid. Oh, and the sarcastic snorting wasn't just from your spouse, but your friends also. Ha!