Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Cards...

Here's a card I made for my brother's going away shin-dig...He decided to have a bit of a mid-life crisis early and quit his job, move to San Fransisco, and start over...Actually I think it's brave and exciting, and while I'm annoyed that he had and then quit a Pottery Barn job (helloooooooooo....40% discount) I'm happy that he's found something he likes and seems to be getting settled! Love you Justin ;)

So, the card is all PTI...that new ~enjoy the ride~ set is the cutest thing ever!...okay, no, not really, the spoons I saw in Crate and Barrel that had little metal enameled lemons dangling on the end were the cutest thing ever....but this stamp set is great! I LOVE the little car and how it can be the front end or the back end...soooo clever!

I also like how this card opens...Mary Ellen...Sanford's favorite school secretary, sent me a Valentine's day card laid out like this and I couldn't wait to try it. I attached several gift cards accordion style on the back side of the main worked out great.

Here's a card I made my mom for mother's day and then promptly forgot to give her...oh well, (don't look mom)...I'll give it to her next year! I really like the kraft envelopes from Papertrey...I hate putting a kraft card in a white envelope...oooh...gotta go...I hear a truck outside and Mr. Brownpants is "out for delivery" with my May PTI order...purchased happiness could be just a few steps away ;)

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