Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I honestly thought I took pictures of more of the teacher prizes from the last week of school, but as usual, I was a slacker. There are pictures of two of them. The first days prize wasn't really worth a picture, just a cute tiny basket from Cost Plus with a bag of dipping pretzels, fudge dip, and a cute tag. The next days gift was probably photo was a bunch of pastel plaid stationary goodies that I got last year at the dollar section of Michaels, altered to be "teacher-y" with the Papertrey Teacher's Apple set...journal, thank you notes in a box, small notepad, and matching pencils...about $4.00 worth of gift, but it looked good.

My friend Jo-Ellen went to the dump with me on Saturday...and helped me shovel ridiculously smelly compost into bins, bring it home, and unload it...if you don't think that's worth a prize, you are an ungrateful maroon! So here's the giftie I gave her on Sunday....when I brought back her yard waste can that we transported compost in...did I mention how sTinKy compost is???

it's a Papertrey tin with antibacterial sanitizer in it...3 different smells...some scratch off lottery tickets, and a turtle purse/key holder thing...I don't know what it is, but she saw it at the gas station and liked it...her kids go/went to Turtleback Elementary, so she kind of has a thing for turtles.

Any way...I just popped the stuff in the tin, computer generated..."lucky to have you for a ", stamped on friend...and it was all good, because the lottery tickets tied in with the lucky part...I thought it was so clever that I used it again on a teacher gift...see the picture lower...

Here's a giftie for Connor's teacher...yup, I can see that I put the accent/embellishment on the side of the box where the printing is upside down...unfortunately, I DIDN'T see it before I used a bunch of scortape on it...oh well,'s made with mostly Pebbles goodies...I made the box a year ago and just never used it, so I don't remember where I got the was free on the web somewhere...I wish I still had's a cute box! Inside was a Starbucks gift card.

here's the teacher version of the lottery card holder...just versamark ink stamped on a tiny kraft bag from Michaels...simple, but cute enough...

okay...then we have the last day of school stuff...I made the BeSt prize for the teacher...a pop top can, like from pineapple, opened from the bottom with a safety opener, cleaned out, filled with a matching card and gift cards and then was awesome!...yeah, you guessed it, no picture. I would have SWORN that I took a photo...nope...rude surprise when I loaded the pics onto the computer this morning and noThINg...uuuuggghhhhh!!!

Anyway...moving's how I decorated the door this year. Connor only had to break through the crepe paper...not as much fun as the signs I usually make, but I completely forgot to get the paper...side note here...have you seen that blog where she does "Martha Points"? you get plus points if you do something "Martha-esque" and minus points if you screw up...It's hysterical...this reminds me of that...forgot paper for traditional sign -10 points...made up for it with a $3.99 balloon and left over crepe paper + 7 points...cracks me up...I would sooooo be in the negative section alllll the time! One step forward, 17 steps back!

okay, so ...a little cardstock, a cricut, some crepe paper, and a balloon...done.

not much to rip through and Connor was maybe it's more than -10 points ;(

So...again, I'll state for the record, my son is an only child, always will be. That makes this all okay...and probably gives me a few Martha points to boot!

He gets a few new summer/water toys on the last day of school. Here's a bucket filled with stuff from the dollar section...badminton rackets, water bombs, and water balls...

Here's a stack of gifts...I am aLL about the red, white, and aqua color combo lately...not sure what that's all about...but here are two new squirt guns and an airplane model kit...I bought a few board games too, but that seemed like to much, so I saved them for a few weeks for now when the "moooooooom, I'm bored....." starts!

That's all for now. I'll post a retirement gift I made for Sanford's favorite school secretary'll probably be like 3 days from now... ;)

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