Thursday, June 17, 2010

now what?!?

so I had a few girls over on Friday to play all crafty...and Cindy mentioned that she wanted to learn how to make paper rosettes...I guess it stuck in my head. Then yesterday while hopping around in blog-land, I saw the cutest patriotic rosettes on a stick in a jar of red, white, and blue popcorn...seriously, who comes up with this stuff? (heartland paper company) Ridiculously adorable!

So, I broke out the paper and my scor-pal...and maybe a few other goodies. I still need to add buttons and a tag on the big one, but here they are...

The real question what? They are big...the one in the center is 12", and the other 2 are 8"...I thought I was going to hang them from my mantle, no. Then I thought, okay, together on ribbon, kinda like, no. So what do I do with them?!?

I used paper from the boxes that I never dig into anymore...I actually think there's a Debbie Mumm paper involved (reallly?) and I know that blue star paper is like 6 or 7 years good for me using my stash...I bought the flags at Michael's when I went looking for paper to finish them off...I managed to buy paper, but none of it looked right when I got it home ...It may be good for a whole 'nother set of these darn things that I don't know what I'm going to do with though...anyway, the flags were way too cherry a red, so I might have colored the stripes with a marker to darken them up a that something I can go to jail for??? don't tell! they do match MUCH better now ;) holy smack is that glass dirty...please ignore the filth!

I think the "usa" needs a little bling, yes? It looks so sad and naked in the picture. I have a set of 3 layered buttons to get tied on top of a tag that I'll put in the center of the ribbon'll be cute, but, what am I going to do with them?????


  1. Very fun! I really am feeling so happy thinking about crafting again. Thank you for inspiring me! And I like the Debbie Mumm paper! But what do I know?! Ha!

  2. Leave it to you to go for the mammoth size! How about a banner for the front window? May not want them outside in this harsh San Diego weather but would look very patriotic for July 4th weekend! Glad you're getting some use out of that Scor-Pal!!