Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Hoopla...

okay...here's a bunch of random crapola.

Here's the wreath I made for Connor's birthday tomorrow. The blog I stole it from (Howdoesshe.com) said it took about 144 balloons...ummmm, I obviously did something wrong because I used about 400 balloons. Maybe because I cheated and cut a styrofoam wreath apart, added rubber bands, glued it back together and then jammed the balloons under the bands. I just couldn't find the greening pins they were talking about. Can you say 3 trips to Party City yesterday?!?!? I think it's cute. Sanford is NOT impressed. Connor hasn't seen it yet.

I decorated a licorice tub as part of my father-in-law's birthday gift.

It turned out pretty cute for an 8 minute project...

I even put a matching sticker on the lid...yup...dork!

Here's part of Sanford's Father's Day gift...a waste of cute packaging. He doesn't care.

Connor also got him a toolbox to keep all of the tools and parts for their new ridiculous RC cars in. I printed out a label that matches the maker of their cars and modge-podged it on...who knew modge-podge could be manly??

The camera adapter for the iPad finally got here. I downloaded some editing software and played last night...How adorable is that boy? It's probably why he's still alive!

ummmm...this might be a little much...but it cracks me up!!


  1. As I was reading your wreath description I hadn't scrolled down and kept thinking "she blew up 400 balloons" ... phew, that was a relief! It's cute but seems like a lot of work. If Sanford doesn't appreciate the packaging we sure do - it was adorable! Did you print the wording for Grandpa or are they from your Cricut?

  2. I didn't happen to see the adorable car card you made for Father's Day. Did you forget to post a picture??? ha, ha!!! I crack myself up!