Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween fun

Halloween at our house...

I finally took a picture of our pumpkin display without a's not the greatest photo, but it's here...we have more pumpkins than this, but they are spread along the front walk-way or over on the far side of the house and I couldn't get a good picture. I did not buy any new ones this year...there just weren't any cute ones out...and I am sad that my Mickey and Donald pumpkins didn't get out this year, they need some repair work...any one know a good pumpkin hospital?

Friday, we had a little party for the daycare...we dressed up, practiced trick-or-treating, and played some games. This is a quick pic of the treat bags I made for them...super simple, but I made all 6 of those tags in 30 minutes with stickers and my Papertrey dies...

Here is a close up of the tag...loving the dies for tags...absolutely planning on making my own Christmas tags...but we'll see what really'll probably be those lovely self-adhesive sticker guys again this year...

After the daycare party, we had the cub scout party here...8 elementary school boys amped up on sugar and testosterone...not pretty. It was absolutely hysterical to see them bob for apples...they took their shirts off and really got into it. I was too busy drying people off to get any pictures. We played a few games, ate pizza, and decorated cookies and cupcakes. Here is Connor after he got "mummified" in toilet paper.

He cracked me up when half-way through the evening, I went inside to get something and he followed me in, gave me a big thumbs up, and told me "The party's going great Mom, don't you think?"...Seriously...the boy slays me!

Here are Connor and Sanford in their costumes...The Gangster and the Keystone Cop...Sanford's costume was a small fortune, but when I saw them together, it was worth every penny!

Connor wanted his dad to take him trick-or-treating, and Sanford loved every minute of husband is suuuuuuch a ham! I can't figure out how someone so anti-social can love being the center of's a puzzlement!

So, the boys went off and I stayed out in the cul-de-sac with all the neighbors, eating snacks, watching Halloween movies on a giant blow up screen, and passing out candy...have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? Seriously... it's like something in a movie...Fourth of July parades, Christmas parties, someone always home to borrow an egg's a great place!

Here's Connor with all of his loot.

What I really needed was to take a picture of the boy this morning when he looked like something from Night of the Living Dead and refused to get out of bed...when he finally did get up, he put on a hoodie, pulled the hood up and the drawstring so tight so that only his eyes showed...and I swear they were glowing red at me as I kept nagging him to hurry up and get ready for school!

oh...and for anyone keeping track, yup, the pumpkins and all Halloween stuff was taken down and in the garage before I went to bed last night...Jo-Ellen, be sure to let Rob know I wasn't a slacker :)

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  1. The guys' costumes are GREAT! For so much loot, Connor doesn't look so happy! Between the treat bags and mirror/mantle decorations, you SO need to be on a company's Design Team.