Thursday, November 18, 2010

Carmel Apple Giftie...

We love Connor's karate instructor, Master Brandt. He is awesome...patient, caring, involved, really knowledgeable about what he does, and he always has time to listen to my concerns and find a way to help Connor.

So, I wanted to make him a prize and attach a little note to let him know how thankful we are to have him in our lives. It does seem like the right time of year to do that...

So, I made a caramel apple basket. Actual caramel apples seemed to have logistical problems...messy, what extras do you add, hard to transport...this seemed to solve those dilemmas.

I made some homemade caramel sauce and put it in a cute container. I used the recipe from the How Dos She?'s really tasty and super simple! I decorated the jar with some fall stickers that I bought on clearance at Target...I love that I am finally embracing the concept that absolutely everything o a project doesn't have to be homemade to be makes things soooooo much easier! I added some apples and one of those cutter/corer thingies.

I did use a Papertrey stamp set to make a label for the top...I mean...if you have the perfect HAVE to use it ;)

I just used more of the stickers to make a tag and wrote a nice note on the back of it. I love it when you give someone a prize and they seem genuinely kinda makes you want to be nice more least that's how I felt...but I got over it ;)


  1. Another amazing project by Miss Crafty! The Brandts have been close friends of mine for 12 years and I KNOW they will SO LOVE THIS! He is an amazing instructor and simply incredible with the kids. Connor is in a great place!

  2. This is so clever and "in the season". Love it! Wish I had seen your blog before today so I could copy your idea for our piano teacher ... recital is tonight. Oh well, there's always finding something clever for Christmas! :)