Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jam Session

Hey...look what I made. For the first time ever. It's tasty and it was sooo easy!

Strawberries were 88 cents a basket at Ralphs...and I bought 4...ummmm...that's a lot of berries. What was I thinking? What could I do with 4 baskets? Jam? Kinda scary. Let's google it and see what comes up. So I found this video. Ridiculously simple.

Uh-oh...I didn't have mason jars. I did have these cute jars I bought to decorate and put candy in. They had lids. How bad could this possibly turn out? :)

Obviously, things turned out fine. The whole thing~start to finish~(including washing pots and pans) took about an hour. Of course, it only made 3 tiny jars of jam...but they are sooooo cute!

I glued on some ric rac to up the cuteness factor.

And even made quickie labels. I was so pleased with myself, that I went out and bought 9 more baskets of berries and some real mason jars...tiny ones...I'm feeling all Little House days! :)

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  1. Think cute, easy holiday gifts. And I can send my address, in case you forgot how to find me. :)