Monday, March 29, 2010

To enhance or not to enhance? I'm hopeless at anything computer related and my photo editing skills consist mainly of wishing that I HAD skills :( So here are two picture of the same card...this one is "enhanced" according to it really better? The colors are brighter, but not as true to real life. Is it better than....

this one? It is brighter and the whites look whiter not just kind of bothers me that the pink is so different than it really is on the actual card...

Is this where I just get over it because none of you are going to really see the actual card and then say to me..."hey...that card was a waaaaay different color on your blog!"???

What do you think?? Original or enhanced? It's not dishonest...just like a little lipgloss and mascara for my paper crafts right???


  1. I like the bottom card. Is that original or enhanced? I also like the stitching on the card. That is one of my favorite techniques on a card. Well, that and buttons. :)

  2. Here is what I learned. Put your camera on no flash and find a spot with the most natural light and the cards come out great. I also read a blog about using landscape setting so I am going to try that too. The details on the top picture are easier to see but the colors are a little too vibrant!