Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little more from Saturday...

Here's another little card that I made on Saturday night when the boys were both out and's nothing all that special, but I was pleased with how the patterned paper that I made turned out.

I stamped cardstock with Plum Pudding ink and then over stamped the images in white. Then I stamped over the whole thing in tiny polka dots that matched the cardstock color...I wasn't sure about the dots...I have a hard time lining them up to get a bigger section...could be because I am the world's messiest stamper and rarely clean my blocks :) ...or it could just be that I have issues...lots of people can do it, it can't be that hard, but I can never get the images to line up perfectly...oh well...I'm not Hallmark, so it's probably okay!

I'm trying to think of a good way to yank Sanford today since it's April Fool's Day...nothing will ever top the year I was pregnant with Connor and I told him the doctor called and said we were having was beautiful! The problem of course is that I have absolutely NO ability to keep things up...I start laughing right away and the jig is up (great gravy, does anyone actually say that any more?!?) The look on Sanford's face was priceless though...even if it only lasted a few seconds. Okay..I'm off to come up with something devious ;)

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  1. No, no one says, "the jib is up", but sure, everyone is saying "good gravy". You crack me up. Love the haircut. I've been on campus 3 times this week (it's a personal best this year) and have seen Connor and didn't even acknowledge his haircut. I hadn't seen him much before this week, so didn't even notice. (I'm good like that). He's such a cutie. It's the superficial that matters. Ha! JK!