Friday, March 26, 2010

cRaZY hAIr dAy !!

Today was cRaZY hAIr dAy at Connor's school...we went with the usual mohawk...this years variation had Mt. Carmel colors ;)

Here's the gold side...(this hairdo reminds me of Two-Face from Batman...I can definitely see some similarities between my son and that character)...we used spray color for the first time this was different, but I liked it...

Here's the red side...We had some pretty good height going this year. We held off getting a haircut on purpose until after crazy hair day. I think it was a good choice.

I'm not sure what this pose is, but it cracked me up!

And here's the~what I'd look like screaming at a rock concert~ pose...lovely! It's a shame there isn't a better picture of his's a storm trooper tshirt from our DisneyWorld trip in December...Sanford has one too, except his storm trooper is wearing Mickey ears...soooo funny!

Connor's hair was done in record time this year thanks to the spray only took about 20 minutes (in the past it's taken about 45) so we got to school a little early. As I was dropping him off (it was just him in the car, the rest of the car pool was absent today), he looked out the car window and said "Mom, what if it isn't crazy hair day?" I looked out the window and had a slight panic attack myself when I realized I didn't see one child with crazy hair...ummm...did I dream the prinipal's call out? She did say today was crazy hair day right?!? oh %&*$$#!! Then a little boy got out of the mini van in front of me with some spikes, and I spotted a small blonde with 7 pony tails...and was that some green hair over by the Otter Cafe line?

Whew...dodged a bullet...I mean Connor's hair isn't exactly inconspicuous!

Once I pointed those kids out to Connor, he started to breathe again and happily climbed out of the car to begin another day of tormenting the crap out of his, I mean begin another day of learning...

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm sure his teacher is saying the same thing :)

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