Sunday, March 28, 2010

is it really? Could it be?

yup...that's right, it's something crafty...that I made...that I don't hate. The first thing in over 3 months. Now, admittedly, it's not much, just a card...but it did make me park my butt in the craft cubby and actually play with things I already own and enjoy myself.

Sanford had Air Bands on Saturday night and said that there was no reason for Connor and I to go. The boy decided to play Nazi Zombies with the nerf guns (that's what they call it...and really, if they are playing outside, without crying, using nothing with batteries, can I complain??? I did check, there are no actual nazis or zombies involved :) I'm thinking the fact that I cared enough to make sure there would be no real bloodshed...or brain eating...qualified me for some uninterrupted mommy~time)

So...I made this card using a previously unopened Papertrey set (baby button bits)...I really wanted it to say "Hey cupcake" but I didn't have a stamp in the right size, in the right I went with what I had. I like the enchanted evening polka dots on the spring rain cardstock paired with the enchanted evening cardstock...super simple, but I love how matchy (is that a word? must not be since it's underlined in red!) it turned out.

I'm kinda digging the argyle frosting...who knew?? I made a few more cards and even a set for Connor's teacher for a Teacher Appreciation week giftie...but I thought I might shock you if after not posting in 5 months I posted 3 times in 4 days and had multiple crafty items in one post...tooooooooo much! I'll space it out and try not to overexert myself... :)

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  1. Way to go!!! And something for teacher appreciation too??? Wow, you are out of control now! When is TA week? I'm so out of the loop this year.