Thursday, April 22, 2010

here's the story...

So...a few weeks ago, this box arrived at our house. The actual arrival was a bit of a stress factor...mainly due to the fact that it was kinda spendy and got sent to the wrong address. However, the hubby took care of it and it arrived only 2 days later than anticipated...and it WAS anticipated...even more than that monthly Papertrey box ;)

So...inside the unassuming brown box was....(insert angels singing, choir music, whatever floats your boat)

Jen's new celebrate the stress of pink slip month and the joy of not actually getting one. Sometimes, I love my husband. Especially when prizes like this are involved. There was however, an ugly downside to this amazing new addition to our family.

enter...We Rule. A horribly addicting iPad game, that our whole family is now playing. Connor is playing on the iPad, I'm on the old iPhone, and Sanford is on his phone. we have also indoctrinated the neighbor boy and Aunt Kristine into the cult of building your own's sick I tell you. Seriously. Sick...and not that modern slangy good old sick. It's a time sucker...and some how I am not only playing my own and Connor's during the day while he is at school...I'm also babysitting the neighbor boy's iPod kingdom. Did I mention it was sick??? Oh...and if you have an iPhone or iPad touch or iPad...add me...I need more friends! jc11278 :)

okay... I tore myself away from my virtual land long enough to make peanut butter cookies...and dip them in milk chocolate...kinda fun...pretty tasty.

I made them for my neighbor's birthday..he likes chocolate and peanut butter. This is how I usually package my cookies when I'm giving them away...cheesy, generic plate, cello (I usually use clear, but I was out) and a curly ribbon and festive...Winner...okay...gotta go, the kingdom has been alone too long!

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