Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shhh...Don't tell!

So,  for Sanford's birthday tomorrow,  I made him this coupon book so he'd have something to open...We're going to a bed and breakfast in Julian this weekend for his gift...good present, but you have to have something to open on your actual birthday...it's like the law...section 142 of the birthday code I think   :)    I got the little photo album in the $1 section at Micheal's on clearance for 50 cents.  

I paper pieced the cover...

And computer printed all the writing...I used all scrap paper.

Then I got lazy and just drew in all the corny pictures...he sooooo wouldn't have appreciated 6 hours of paper piecing, so why bother?  25 minutes and a few markers did the job.   The art work is Kindergarten quality, but you can tell (with the word prompts)  what the pictures are supposed to be!

For him, the aesthetics are just not that important.  I do have to admit, that since he got his "chick job" as he calls it (ASB Director),  I at least have a chance that he will notice a few details or ask how I did something.  But generally,  he is the stereotypical clueless male.  Besides, I'm sure he'll be much more interested in eating the warm cookies than dissecting my drawing of them!

Hopefully this will be the best 50 cent gift he's ever gotten ...LOL


  1. After your weekend away, you'll have to share about the B&B. Have you been there before? Is it nice? I like having that sort of thing in my files for special occasions.

    His gift turned out really cute. He'll know it was a labor of love.

  2. MMMMMM...YEAH....B&B this weekend...did you show us ALL the coupons???? Before I go on, is this a G rated blog? Have a great time!