Thursday, February 5, 2009

Connor is a VIP

So...Connor was "VIP" at school this week.  We made a poster of things he likes/dislikes last weekend for him to share and he's been able to bring in a few things every day this week to show the class.  He's brought in his ukulele, Robosapien, post card collection, and today he brought in his Disco ball alarm clock.  I think perhaps his teacher should be nominated either for sainthood or the loony bin!

Everyone knows that Connor believes that chocolate is a food group and should be allotted the largest chunk on the food pyramid.  So, I thought that he should bring some in tomorrow to celebrate his last official day of "VIP-ness"...he's a VIP every day at least he thinks he is! 

I made these for him to share tomorrow...I'm sure he'll also bring in some wacky paraphernalia from his room to make sure that our family looks like a bunch of complete freaks...but at least with the cute chocolate goodies our weirdness may be tolerated...I hope!


  1. Well it's about time his teacher shows some appreciation for having such a dymanic student in her class. I hope this helps him! Candy goodies way cool...wished I was in his class!

  2. oooopppsss! Typo...dynamic student not dymanic

  3. wait a minute - we sent the flat connor to BAVARIA and i was not allowed to send chocolate and now chocolate is going to the class?! they missed out on bavarian chocolate for m&m's?! what is this world coming to?!!!!