Monday, August 31, 2009

Ummm....Is this tacky or funny?!?

So my poor mother in law, who already has more than her share of problems, got sent home Friday from the hospital and quarantined to her house for 5 days.  Why you ask?  Okay, look at the bag and take a's okay, I'll wait for it...

Yup...Swine be politically correct, it's H1N1...but that cute on a bag? I don't think so.  So I put together some goodies...a box of tissues, yummy smelling Bath & Body Works antibacterial soap, a mason jar of cough drops and another of chocolate (you've got to treat the psychological effects too  :P), some cans of soup, ginger get the picture.  Anyway, I had this big pink bag to put it in.  So, I couldn't send it over plain could I?  How does a plain bag make you feel any better?  I put the pig on and decided it was either seriously funny or really mean and twisted...Final conclusion was that my MIL would think it was funny...and laughter is the best medicine right?  Okay, well,  that's what I told myself.
She did like it, and she's feeling better...she's no longer the Queen of Quarantine as of tomorrow.  Okay..I'm back to Baby Shower mass production.  No pictures until after the shower on Saturday...but then there will be an invitation, favor box, diaper cake, silverware wraps, and other assorted cute goodness!  

Have a great week!

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  1. My mom and I both started laughing when we saw this. But I don't know if that counts since we're not the best of judges. Ha! So glad she's feeling better.

    Can't wait to see the party post!!!