Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ahhh...The joys of mass production

One of my PTA chair jobs this year was to take the First Day of School pictures for all of the new Kindergarteners. It's a great tradition at Shoal Creek that on the first day of school, each Kindergartener goes home with a picture taken of them in their class or with the class mascot. Before I took over, the photo holder was a little...ummm...utilitarian.  Simple?!?  One layer?!?  Computer generated?!?  That is just NOT how I roll!  :)

I do have to admit that last year's folder just about killed me!  120 folders with rounded corners on the folder AND on the the math...that's 1440 punches (the folders had a front and back like a card) with my corner rounder...have you lost my mind?????  So this year I was a little more conscience of my hands when I designed them...and I took people up on it when they offered to help (Thank you Kim and Aubrey !!)  

Here's a look at the pre-production accents.  Stamping and punching all 110 of them only took about an hour and the gracious Wetker girls cut out those red apples (while I was lounging on the Lido Deck!)    The cutting and pasting was a snap and our budget for 110 of the folders and duplicate pictures of all the Kindergarteners was only about $50.

Here's what the finished product looked like...okay, maybe that adorable Kindergarten picture is from a few years ago...but it is my blog!  I may be a  little biased, but I can't help it if he's the most handsome boy  I've ever made a frame for :)

Mt. Carmel has a football scrimmage tonight.  Wish them luck...and hope that Sanford doesn't hurl on the field!! :) I a supportive wife or what?!?  :P

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