Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Treat Bags

So, this year for Connor's birthday, our plan was to take Connor and a few boys to Boomers in the morning and be home in time for him to go to Cub Scout camp at 1:00. week before his birthday, when I finally got around to checking what time Boomer's opened, I realized we were going to have a slight problem.  Boomer's doesn't open until noon.  Oops!  I asked Connor what we should do.  He decided that he's like a real party instead. day notice...middle of summer vacation...mother who is beyond uptight...probably not the best combo.  We ended up at Nickle City and it was GREAT!  We only invited people that we could call and who had a good sense of humor  :)  !  I booked the party, invited the people, made a list of snacks we'd need, ordered the cake, and made the goodie bags.  The night before the party, Connor told me he also wanted to take treats in to the boys at Cub Scout camp...having a summer birthday, he's always missed out on taking treats to school.  What could I say?  He's an only child.  It seemed a reasonable request.  It was actually nice because with no notice, I didn't feel pressured to churn out anything as long as there is sugar involved, 8 year old boys are happy :)

Here are the cookies in all their glory...I stuffed them into Party City cello bags, punched out some shapes, stamped a title, and tied a bow....24 bags in about  45 minutes...I kind of like the whole low stress, low expectations thing....

I just used a big circle punch and a big star punch for the aMuse stamp and cheap curly ribbon...I paid about $2.50 for the bags and the rest was scrap...Yeah!!  :)

Here are the treat bags for the party.  I bought the bags at Michael's, did a little stamping, spent 20 minutes with the Cricut, used up a ton of scrap paper, and poof...there were 11 personalized gift bags!

Here they are all together (no, we're not in jail, just at Nickle City).  I have to say that the one week notice thing made for a MUCH less stressful party planning experience.  Who knew?!?  Less pressure to perform I guess...Do you think I can plan on having a spontaneous party again next year?  I guess it doesn't quite work that way!!

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  1. I see you haven't gotten any helpful readers to correct your title issue. Sorry! I'm not any use for that stuff.

    I'm beginning to think I'm missing the boat not having a cricut, or at least 3 dozen punches. You come up with the cutest, yet simple, ideas. I'm glad Connor had a terrific birthday!