Friday, July 10, 2009

Connor's Last Day of School

Birthday?  Christmas?  At the very least National Spoiled Child Day?!?  Nope...just the last day of school  :)  Every year on his last day, Connor gets a little melancholy and teary.  He's sure that he'll never have a teacher he loves as much as this one.  He's positive that he'll never see any of his classmates again. Okay, what he how to play his mother!  LOL!!!  Anyway...each year I wrap up some new summer toys and stack them in a big pile so it looks impressive.

Then I make a sign for the front door for Connor to break through to officially begin summer.

Here he is ....It's rough being an only child!  The attention, the presents,  your parents ALWAYS knowing who did it  :)

He did appear to appreciate the prizes...and he is awfully cute (I may be a little biased).

Here is this year's loot...really...a little effort and maybe $30...makes for a fun family tradition.

Daddy had to work late (knock me over from NOT surprise!)  so Connor and I continued our day of fun with a trip to the movie theater...I have 8 movie passes waiting to be used up, so the movie was free...of course I got dinged  $72.50 for popcorn and a drink...uuuuugh!  I swear concession stand prices are as bad as Disneyland! 

Here is the cheeseburger posing with his treat...Of course, we HAD to go to the movie in 3-D...I have a picture of him in his hot 3D glasses, but I'm saving that for blackmail purposes...perhaps when he starts dating...honestly...with those teeth in thick black horn rimmed glasses...he looks like a cross between Drew Carey and Spongebob...NOT pretty!

So, there's a little insight into the virtues of being an only child...Oh...and 3 posts in one week?!?  Holy guacamole!!  I might put everyone into cardiac arrest and post again tomorrow!

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