Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter Crafties

Here are a few of the treats that I made for Easter...I made a few other things, but forgot to take pictures before I gave them away...oh well!

These were super quick!  Just tubes from Papertrey with a few goodies...

I gave these to the girls in Daycare...boxes of chalk from the $1 bin at Target...personalized.

I made this for my held funny little chickie socks...are you noticing that there are a lot of those little aMuse chicks on everything?  Yeah, well, I made a ton and then every time I needed to cute-ify something I ended up slapping one on since they were already done...I didn't realize that everything was covered in them until I looked at these pictures...again....oh well!

I bought a ton of these containers years ago to hold my embellishments...filled this one with jelly beans.  It was my loser prize for Bunco...then I ended up being the loser...soooo sad!    :(    Connor was happy  though...he'd been eyeing the candy as I was making the box and he always gets his choice when I come home with all of the loser junk!  That boy has a serious sweet-tooth!

This is cute little bag filled with flower seeds.  It came from the $1 section at Target too, all I did was add a tag.  

This is a box of doggie treats...I decorated it as a prize for someone who has been letting us come visit her puppies...

Okay...that's 3 posts in one day..I guess I can be done for another month now  :)

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