Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cub Scout Spring Campout

So...Connor's favorite part of every Cub Scout campout is making fun crafts with yarn and singing songs around the campfire...bwahahaha!!!!!   Riiiiiiight!  His favorite is the same as every other 7 year old boy...the shooting!!   Balboa Park has a BB rifle range and an Archery range, so he was set.  Here he is modeling the latest in fashion eye wear.   :)

It's a shame that they only get to do this for about 20 minutes on each range.  I'm sure all of the boys could spend their entire day here!

Connor didn't bring his glasses, so I'm amazed that he was able to hit anything!  He did pretty well and hit the bullseye once and the target 2 or 3 times.  They only got 5 shots.

The Archery was another story.  When we did this last year, he aced it...hitting the target every time he shot.   This year he rushed it and didn't want to listen to instruction...he sent most of his arrows up onto the hill.  It's hard because they all just get sooooo excited to be holding and playing with contraband!!   I think huge parts of him can't believe I'm not yelling "Connor...put that down right now!!!   Don't you know you could shoot your eye out!!"

We went on a hike after lunch.  Three miles around the park.  Connor asked to have my camera and took some great shots.

This one of the bridge is beautiful... is this shot of the flowers...but this next one is my favorite!


A self-portrait !    WHAT A CHEESEBURGER!  You've just gotta love him!!

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