Friday, May 29, 2009

Upload trouble, Crafties, and a Johnny Rotten sighting...

So...We had a little computer trouble and I couldn't get pictures from my camera to the computer...ahhh, the joys of technology!!  Anyway...once I explained the dilema, the problem was  solved quickly by the 11278 Geek Squad!!  :)

These are the boxes I made to put the Day Care mom's Mother's Day gifties in...

...and theses are the gifties...Scrabble tile necklaces with photos and Swarovski birthstones...I even made the little dangly doo-dads...who knew I could use a head-pin and a jump ring?!?

I didn't make one for myself though...uuugghhh!!!!!!

Here's a cutesy box made from one of Lauren Meader's Timeless Templates...soooo simple and completely scraplifted!  I love that you can print out the template right onto your cardstock!  Brilliant!!

And it appears that Johnny Rotten or some other 80's Punk chucklehead has moved in!!'s just Connor!  It was crazy hair day at school today...Connor LOVES crazy hair day!!!  He wanted multi-color spikes like Johnny Napalm on Guitar Hero...but we just didn't have time...

I guess the red faux-hawk will have to is it stiff...I'm afraid his hair might snap off!!  It's a good look for him though...I mean, we all know he's  a punk  :)  Cute though!!


  1. I love the color of your mother's day gifts. That blue is awesome. I'm stealing that little purse idea. Very cute for Young Women's at church. Thank you very much. Ok, Jon did a faux hawk today too, but you did a much better job. Like always! :)

  2. i like the finger print flowers, cute gifts.

    and you so just labled yourself old and a dork. johnny rotten didn't really do mowhawks - spikes but not mowhawks, tim armstrong did, but not johnny rotten.