Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Prizes

I  didn't become an un-blogger again...just had a girl's trip to Las Vegas this weekend.  It's always nice to run away and  play without boys   :)  These are the gifties that I made for Connor to give to his teachers for Teacher Appreciation week.  I stamped some nugget wrappers.....

here is the front of the post it note holder...

and here is the back.

Here it is all packaged up...It will have a tag, but I just haven't gotten there quite yet...These will go to the PE coach, team teacher, music teacher...all the people who usually get forgotten...

Sorry for the crudy picture...I can never get anything with plastic or glass to photograph well   :(

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. those are cute! natural light (no flash) and at an angle usually gets the job done