Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Opening Day

Saturday was Opening Day for Connor's Little League.  He's on the Royals...and to quote my son, they were "versing" the Cardinals.  There were two little boys from Connor's class on the other team...and he did his usual job of trash talking...One day that boy's alligator mouth is going to get his puppy dog heiny kicked!

The boys were soooo cute in their uniforms.

It was an amazing day!  The kind that almost justifies  the cost of living in San Diego.  Where else is it 78 degrees with the sun shining,  the breeze slightly blowing, and the birds chirping on a Saturday in February?

Connor loves to play catcher....and he looks adorable in all the gear!  He had a great game.  It started out a little slow...but he made an amazing catch,   got 2 outs, and had a solid hit.   He was also a really good sport when someone else got the game ball (that he thought he deserved...and had run around the dug-out claiming that he should get it...Humility is not a Carvajal strong suit!)   He had a spectacular game, but I'm glad the coach gave it to someone else...the boy needs a few lessons in being humble.  He did pat the Game-Ball receiver on the back and say "Great Job, dude!"...so he's not a complete cheese-head!  :)

On a completely different note...I saw this on Lauren Meader's blog and had to make one...Her's is soooo cute...that woman has some serious creativity!  I don't know what's going in it yet, but it's always nice to have a few extra things on hand....I never know when Sanford is going to need a prize for someone.  

Connor has another game on Saturday, I'm hoping Sanford will bring home the good camera so we can get some better pictures.  

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  1. I love your background. Super cute! Love the "poor sport" story. I have soooo been there. Ha! Thank you for adding where you find your creations. It's nice to know where to steal the cutest ideas ever. Ha!